5 Awesome Things to Do in Tampa, Florida

Do in Tampa, Florida

Whether you’ve been planning to visit Florida or you’ve come across Tampa by sheer accident, this must-see-and-do list will make you want to quit your day job and move to the Sunshine State for good. The following five awesome things to do in Tampa are only a crumb of what expects you there:

Swim With the Dolphins in the Tampa Bay

If you’re really lucky, you may be able to share a wave with Tampa’s coolest residents – wild dolphins. If not, you’ll still get to enjoy their magnificent water dance from one of the coastal prime viewing spots. Most tourist guides and Tampa tour organizers will be so kind as to lend you a catamaran for this one-of-a-kind hangout session with untamed dolphins in their natural habitat – the Tampa Bay.

Roam the Historic Streets of Ybor City

Historic Streets of Ybor City

What once was the biggest cigar factory in all of America is today the melting pot of gastro-nomads, art buffs, and night owls. Ybor City has been transformed into a charming vintage hub for people of all tastes to indulge their cravings in – from cocktail joints and microbreweries to nightclubs and art galleries, Ybor City has it all. And to think that this district was deserted during the Great Depression!

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Visit the Hillsborough River State Park

Escape from the city and spend a day in nature in the company of alligators and tropical birds. The Hillsborough River State Park is not only one of the oldest state parks, but also one of the last vestiges of real Florida – you’ll get to bask in the sun surrounded by mangroves and gigantic oak hammocks, wetlands, and vine-draped bayous. Explore it by canoe or bicycle or kick back and unwind.

Take a Stoll Down the Tampa Riverwalk

Things to Do in Tampa, Florida

If you’re looking for available apartments in Tampa, FL, don’t look too far from the Tampa Riverwalk. The lively promenade connects many different parts of the city, which makes strolling through Tampa a pure delight. The Riverwalk boasts both fast-food chains and local restaurants for when you get hungry, art galleries for when you get curious, and water parks for when you need a place to cool off.

See the Dragons at the Lowry Park Zoo

Cat people will find their sanctuary at Tampa’s Big Cat Rescue, a facility dedicated to bobcats, lions, tigers, and leopards. But if you’re more into dragons, then head straight to the Lowry Park Zoo. Komodo dragons don’t exactly spitfire, but they are pretty close to the awesome magical creatures we know and love. Lowry Park Zoo is home to lovely sloth bears, white tigers, and penguins as well.