Agreed Surveyor: Why You Must Hire One?

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You would require a party wall agreement when you plan to carry out any construction work on or near a party wall. This party wall is a shared wall, that separates the houses of two owners.

In general, for the below work to be done, most homeowners need this agreement.

  • Loft Conversions
  • Building Extensions
  • Building Foundations

For simple works like electrical work and plastering, you don’t require this agreement. The main role of this agreement is to ensure your neighbour that no damage occurs to their property when the work related to your project happens. Having this agreement helps you avoid disputes with your neighbour.

Can you make this agreement verbally?

No. This agreement cannot be made verbally. In fact, a verbal agreement is not recognized as a legal one.

Disapproval or consent must be in written format. If you do not have any idea about this agreement, you can learn more about it from a party wall agreed surveyor.

Agreed Surveyor
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One of the main tasks which an agreed surveyor performs is the inspection of the adjacent owner’s property. This enables us to comprehend the potential effects of the construction work and make the necessary changes to ensure that all the work goes on smoothly.

An agreed surveyor will also create the party wall agreement, mentioning all the crucial information. This agreement outlines the owners’ duties and rights with regard to the course of the job, and it addresses issues like access rights, working hours, etc.

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What happens if your neighbour rejects your proposal?

After giving notice, if your neighbour rejects your request or does not respond to your request, this situation will be considered as ‘in dispute’. When this happens, you may speak with your neighbour, hear out their concerns, and then try to reach a compromise that would satisfy both of you.

You can take the agreed surveyor with you, as they will help you in convincing your neighbour about your request.

When your neighbour requests you to make some changes to your request and proceed further. If at all, your neighbour has agreed to your notice, there is no requirement for a party wall agreement. But most owners make an agreement, to avoid unnecessary disputes in the future.

What to consider when choosing a party wall surveyor?

Surveyor Why You Must Hire
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1.      Experience

 Choose an experienced surveyor always, if you are looking for the best services. An experienced party wall surveyor helps you in clearing the dispute between you and your neighbour.

2.      Qualification

 Look at the qualification of different surveyors. As the number of fake surveyors has increased in number, it is very important to be careful when making your choice.

3.      Client Reviews

 Read the client reviews of various party wall surveyors and choose the best from them. The better the reviews, the better service you can expect.

4.      Fee

 Compare the fee of various party wall surveyors and then make your choice. Never hire a surveyor by simply looking at the low fee. An agreed party wall surveyor works for you as well as your neighbour.

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