A Few Expectations from Your Air Conditioning Service Provider That You Must Have

Air Conditioning Service Provider

If you own a few air conditioners at your home, then you will often need to get them serviced by a suitable air conditioner service provider in your area. The air conditioner is such an appliance that needs regular servicing to offer you cool air during the summer season. Nobody will like to live with frequent breakdowns of this important home appliance.

In Singapore, Airconservicing has been offering excellent air conditioning service for the last many years and there are many satisfied customers available in Singapore. What makes an AC service provider better than others? As a customer, you must be having a few expectations from your service provider.

In this post, we will discuss what are the few expectations that you must have so that you can rate a certain company as better than the other.

Checks the refrigerant level

1.    Checks the refrigerant level

If there is any refrigerant loss in the system, it shows that there are leaks. The loss of refrigerant will not only affect your air conditioner’s capability to cool but also damage your compressor.

2.    Lubricate moving parts

There are several moving parts available in your AC that are likely to wear out if they are not timely lubricated. Hence, you will expect that your service provider will lubricate them.

3.    Clean the coils

Various dirt and grime on the evaporator/condenser coils can significantly reduce an air conditioner’s effectiveness. If the coils are unclean, the service provider must clean them.

4.    Change/clean the air filter

Any clogged air filter will cause several problems with your air-conditioner’s energy efficiency and create icing on the evaporator coil. Cleaning or changing the air filter is very important during its servicing.

5.    Check thermostat calibration

The performance of your air conditioner can be harmed if a thermostat is miscalibrated. Technicians can get the thermostat to sense temperatures properly again.

Check thermostat calibration

6.    Clean your condensate pan and drain

This pan gathers moisture water from the evaporator coil, which is then drained. Technicians remove the pan and also clean it, as well as the condensate drain, to prevent clogging that can cause your AC to shut down if the pan overflows.

7.    Clean the condenser fan and also AC evaporator

An air conditioner service provider must clean dust, mold, and any other debris from the air conditioner including evaporator and condenser fan.

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8.    Routine Inspection

The service provider is also expected to inspect the complete unit after the major issues have been taken care of.

9.    Charge a reasonable service fee

The service provider is expected to charge a nominal service fee that should be comparable with the rates that are prevailing on the market.

Air Conditioning Service

10.  Meet the commitment about delivery

During the summer months, usually, the service provider will remain too busy, however, it is expected that he will complete the servicing job as per the date that he has committed to his customers so that too many follow-ups may not be needed.

You must also read the review about the service provider before you offer your air conditioner for servicing.