Importance Of Backlinks In SEO Explained

Ranking algorithms are regularly changing and currently, the focus is on expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness [E-A-T]. Besides, backlinks also play a huge role in positioning your website on top of the search engine result page [SERP]. Trust is evaluated on backlink quality and domain authority from where the link originated.


A backlink is a crucial ranking factor following the website content for SEO. Search bots can find your website if it has incoming links from established domains for effective indexing on SERPs. Backlinks are similar to votes displaying that the site content is trustworthy, valuable, useful, and credible. More votes mean a better ranking on search engines.

Even if Google has to change myriads of original algorithms backlinks remain one of the crucial ranking factors, which Google confirms. You can take help from backlinks monitoring services like Linkascope to ensure that your backlink profile stays clean.

Factors influencing backlink quality

  • Domain authority
  • Website credibility
  • Content relevance
  • Do-follow & no-follow links
  • Anchor text
  • Links volume
  • Link placement

A website with numerous quality backlinks serves as reviews for the web page. It informs search engines and users of the value of the website and content. It ranks high and obtains better discoverability. The professionals at link-building agency BusyFox make sure that the incoming links are relevant to your niche. The link juice of the reputable sources gets reflected on your site.



Link juice defines the power a backlink will pass onto your site to strengthen it. If the website refers to a do-follow link, positive properties are transmitted and the search engine receives a recommendation. The more the link juices flow from an external site towards your site the more strong the recommendation is. Link juice concept is similar to give and take. The link juice level [internal] a site can pass increases with the link juice [external] it gains from another site.

How to build high-quality backlinks?

Black hat practices are used but the results are short term and there is a risk of website reputation damage. So, always consider white hat practices to build superior quality backlinks.

Competitor analysis

Gain familiarity with how your competitors receive backlinks and their authoritative levels. You don’t need to choose every link but the ones displaying good authority. Check for competitors’ relevant broken links to leverage the link juice from it for your website. Check competitor’s mentions on the internet including social media, forums, blogs, etc. Connect with interested people on different channels as well as endorse a business website on your site via putting their link.

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Guest blogging 

Create a blog page on your website and publish helpful information to attract visitors. Even consider guest blogging like inviting other bloggers or publishing your posts on different publishing sites. It helps to build brand awareness and helps SEO growth with fresh content, good links, and target keywords necessary for online visibility and ranking.


Publish guides, share content, submit on online directories, etc. to gain exclusive and superior quality backlinks to rank high on SERPs and improve SEO. Look for posts like what is SEO? What errors to avoid during the SEO process? What are the link-building strategies for 2022? You can even learn how to find a reliable SEO service before you visit Bleen, an online business directory.