September 24, 2023

Be Aware of What Is Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Often a person may experience changes in their mood and thinking that may often become too extreme. This is a kind of mental disorder and is known as bipolar disorder.

When a person is affected by this condition, it may cause very strong emotions, and their impaired thinking may cause health disorders and have an influence on their relationships, employment, and also on their finances.

bipolar treatment

When a person is having bipolar disorder then the person may experience unusual and intense shifts in their:

  • Ability to concentrate
  • Activity levels
  • Behavior
  • Energy
  • Everyday functioning
  • Mood
  • Sleep


It is still fully not known about the exact causes of bipolar disorder, however, certain factors are more predominant such as:

  • Genetics: A person is more likely to get bipolar disorder if any of the parent or sibling is suffering from it, which suggests a genetic factor is one of the causes.
  • Brain differences: A certain evidence has been found in the brain of those patients who are having a bipolar disorder that may have certain structural and functional alterations, however, this is still not proven.
  • Stressful event: A certain event that may be quite significant e.g. illness, death of someone, or any financial issues, which can trigger depression or mania.

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bipolar treatment

What are the treatments?

This kind of bipolar disorder can be best treated through a certain medication coupled with talk therapy. Symptoms may sometimes come and again go, but bipolar will be a diagnosis for the whole life. Managing all these symptoms and cycles can be a lifelong job, also on the days when the person is feeling fine.

Such treatment might include the following:

Psychotherapy: This is also called talk therapy. This therapy can help in identifying emotions, harmful behaviors, and thought patterns. With this, a technique is developed for dealing with such patients when they occur.

There are different psychotherapies used for treating bipolar disorder such as:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Family-focused
  • IPSRT (Interpersonal and Social Rhythm Therapy)
  • Psychoeducation

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Medications: Medications may include certain antipsychotics, anti-anxiety medications, antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and a few others that promote sleep. Every patient may respond differently to such medications, hence it can take a bit of trial and error for finding the right treatment.

However, it is essential to take all the medications exactly as per the prescription and should never be stopped without consulting a doctor.

Brain stimulation therapies: In certain severe cases, or in case medications will not be an option, then ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy) is used. ECT will use electrical currents for changing brain chemistry for decreasing or reversing the symptoms.

Help and support

Often a bipolar disorder patient can engage in certain risky activities like fast driving or any risky sports. Therefore, they must be regularly monitored and stopped from taking any such chance, particularly in a car.

They can drink tea, coffee, or cola in moderation but no alcohol at all. Family members must contact the doctor, as the patient may often refuse treatment.

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