Who Are the Biggest Employers in Jacksonville, Florida?

If you’re considering a move but want to make sure they have jobs you’ll be able to capture, you’re not alone.  Jacksonville, Florida, has become one of the country’s most popular and interesting cities and is quickly gaining steam as a go-to place to move.

Employers in Jacksonville

Is it worth moving there, though?  How are the jobs?  These are the top employers in the area, and why this movie is a smart decision!

Is Jacksonville a Great Place to Work?

The median average wage in the USA sits at $65,712: and the median in Jacksonville is around $54,000.  This means that this fantastic city does pay a little less than the national average: but there are other things to consider!   Jacksonville, Florida, is around 10% more affordable to live in than the average American city, so the lower wages aren’t that much of a loss!

There are also a lot of fun free things to do while you live here that can also make up for the lower income.  From free entertainment to get to visit the beach on only parking costs, it’s worth the lower wages.

Naval Air Station

If you’re interested in working for the Navy, either enlisted or as a civilian employee, you’re not alone!  The Naval Air Station in Jacksonville currently employs over 21,000 people.  This means that you can get a job in anything from logistics to being a pilot to simply being a civilian clerk or guard.  There are a lot of options here that ensure you’ll never run out of ways to grow in your career if you want to.

Duval County Public Schools

Employers in Jacksonville

Being a part of education is something that’s vital to our society, bringing up new generations so that they can make a difference in all of our futures.  The Duval County Public School System currently employs over 14,400 people, working in roles from teaching to cleaning the grounds and feeding students and staff.  There’s a large selection of jobs you can take on from this company and a lot of choices anyone could enjoy, so they can afford to grab one of the many fantastic Jacksonville apartments for rent.

Naval Station Mayport

The Naval Station in Mayport is the third-largest employer, cutting checks to 12,600 Jacksonville residents who work for it.  This is another largely varied organization to work for, with the chance to relocate if Jacksonville ever loses its charm on you.  Although the pay is better here than in other jobs on this list, it takes a while to grow into a good-paying job.

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City of Jacksonville

The City of Jacksonville is the fourth highest employer in the city!  Hiring everything from sanitation teams, to police, to the parks and recreation departments, and more keeps nearly nine thousand people employed in Jacksonville.  This is an awesome city to work for since it offers a lot of perks for its employees that make a living and working here is even sweeter.

There’s No Place Like Jacksonville!

Employers in Jacksonville

Jacksonville may have a reputation for being a party city, but it’s also a fantastic place to work and live.  If you’re considering a career change soon: make a change to Jacksonville!