A Few Information About Care and Support Available to You

Many people may not be aware that in the UK, there are several forms of free assistance and support available to all citizens, regardless of their current income.

The types of free care available are:

  • Adaptation of a few homes and equipment
  • Few other benefits
  • Help and support needed after returning home from hospital
  • NHS continuing healthcare
  • Nursing which is funded by NHS nursing care in a care home.

Care and Support

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If you meet the following two criteria then you can avail of these services:

  • Ill or disabled and need practical support
  • Taking care of anyone already receiving social care and support

Usually, this kind of social care and support will be paid for by:

  • People who need such services and also their families
  • The city council’s social services division.

The following are the social care and support available:

  • Help provided at home from a certain paid carer
  • Meals on wheels
  • Having home adaptations
  • Household gadgets and equipment
  • Home security systems and personal alarms are provided so that you can ask for help in case you have a fall
  • Different types of housing, like care homes and supported living services.

Telephone help

If you are seeking advice or assistance through telephone conversations, you can discover numerous useful contact numbers and links available, which are dedicated to telephone helplines and forums.

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Paying for social care and support

Covering the costs of care and support can be a source of confusion and concern. In general, if your savings and investments amount to less than £23,250, the council will contribute partially or fully towards your care expenses.

The above limit may be further increased to £100,000 in savings after October 2025. Property value is not assessed for social care cost eligibility except when moving to a nursing home.

Care and Support

How can you get it?

Request a home evaluation through your local council’s adult social services division. They are reachable by phone or online. If you are keen, request to get a report for your home assessment so that you set the ball rolling. After that, an occupational therapist will visit you to evaluate your special support needs.

If the assessment concludes that you require home modifications or equipment costing less than £1,000, the council will cover the expenses for these necessary items.

Final word

Various free support options are available to individuals, regardless of their income. These include home adaptations, benefits, post-hospital support, NHS continuing healthcare, and nursing care in a care home funded by the NHS.

These services cater to individuals with illnesses or disabilities and those caring for someone already receiving social care. Individuals, their families, or the local council typically cover social care costs.

The savings threshold for council support may rise to £100,000 after October 2025, with property value not considered unless moving to a care home. A home evaluation through the local council assesses needs and covers modifications or equipment costing less than £1,000.