Which One You Should Choose Between LED Neon Signs and Custom Neon Signs?

The popularity of neon signs is on the rise, and this is mostly due to the numerous advantages they offer. The advantages of customised neon signs and their LED counterparts are infinite, ranging from a large selection of colours to affordability.

However, there are several significant distinctions that separate these two categories of light sources. Durability makes up for what one loses in energy efficiency more than adequately.

It is best to learn about custom neon signs, which are precisely matched to your demands before you purchase a brand-new neon sign for your home. AngCustom can supply both of these types of signs.

What Are Custom Neon Signs?

LED Neon Signs and Custom Neon Signs

Custom neon signs are popular because of their strength and attractive design. They seem as lengthy glass tubes that are gas-filled. Since neon is so readily available, these signs are more affordable than the majority of other light sources.

Since the 1920s, businesses, bars, shops, etc. have employed neon signs as a form of advertising. One interesting aspect about these signs is that only one-third of the colours, such as red, orange, and deep pink, are produced by “neon.”

You can create blue, green, yellow, violet, white, and a few milder pink hues by combining argon gas with a small amount of mercury. When the electric current makes contact with the electrodes, the signs begin to glow brightly.

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Pros and cons of custom nein sign


  • More energy-efficient compared to fluorescent bulbs
  • More cost-effective compared to fluorescent bulbs


  • Electrical parts are not as tough as the gas
  • Not so effective light source for outdoor settings
  • More expensive compared to LED version

What Are LED Neon Signs?

Glass tubes filled having inert gases e.g. neon or halogen are typically used to create neon signs. These gases’ atoms are triggered and lighted when an electric current flows through them.

Although neon signs are fantastic, they may be pricey. Because glass is prone to breaking, they can also be high maintenance.

The design issues with conventional neon lights are resolved by LED neon signage. They are produced utilising LED neon flex lights are more flexible, cost-effective, and long-lasting than glass tubes. They also provide more consistent lighting as opposed to inert gas, which can vary in intensity.

LED Neon Signs and Custom Neon

Pros and cons of LED nein signs:


  • More energy-efficient
  • More Durable as compared to incandescent lights
  • Best choice for outdoor settings
  • More eye-catching while it is broad daylight


  • Comparatively not so bright
  • Does not perform well in fog

Both LED neon signs and bespoke neon signs have advantages and drawbacks to be considered. Although one shines more brightly than the other, however, the other is more suited to those who value their energy.

Your goal or need will ultimately determine our course of action. You should spend money on a personalised neon sign if you want your company to look more vibrant and real.

Both signs will, nevertheless, fulfil all of your needs. For those seeking a more genuine vibe, a bespoke sign is best. What are you still holding out for? Get your own personalised sign today!