Few Things to Know About Couples Therapy Counsellor Before Choosing

Ever since we are born, we enter into a relationship. However, this relationship may or may not change over the years. However, after we become adults then we go into a matrimonial relationship, which is supposed to be lifelong, at least during the marriage that is what is promised.

Couples Therapy Counsellor Before Choosing

However, can we maintain that relationship for life long? There are many instances that can be seen that the couple may not get along well and then the relationship ends up with divorce in many cases. These days, it seems divorce is easier than finding a real soulmate.

These days, therefore you can find many relationship counseling professionals and their numbers are steadily growing. Pacific Beach Health is also one professional organization that can help dissenting couples to come together and improve their relationships by doing a few therapies.

However, the question is, are all these couple counseling therapies provided really genuine? When choosing such a couple of therapy counselors, you should not be in hurry, but choose them very carefully.

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Your relationship counselor that you choose should be:

  • Someone having trustworthy qualifications
  • Must share your religion and faith
  • Someone with whom you are comfortable
  • Someone who wants to help you rather than focusing on money
  • Someone who is ready to persevere together with you.

The following are a few red flags that you may check while selecting such couple therapy professionals and avoid them at all costs.

1. They should not suggest compromise and negotiation for improving relationships

If your counselor who is mediating between you and your spouse suggests you negotiate or compromise your values then he is not the right counselor for you.

2. Should not encourage keeping secrets between the spouse

A good counselor will never suggest you keep certain secrets from your partner. He or she should rather encourage to confront the differences rather than hide under the carpet.

 Therapy Counsellor Before Choosing

3. No importance on commitments

If your counselor does not respect your commitment that despite your broken relationships, you are still giving it a try then you have gone to the wrong counselor.

4. More focus on apparent issues rather than core issues

A good counselor must address the core issues between the couple rather than focusing on cosmetic issues. He or she must encourage open communication.

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5. The counselor should not decide what is right or wrong

The counselor is not the person who will make the judgment of who is right and who is wrong rather should encourage more communication between the dissenting couple.

Marriage therapy. Couple with an advisor.

6. Avoid those counselors who share their own personal stories

A counselor should not tell his or her own personal stories to convince the couple rather he should cite those examples that are similar to the case with the couple.

7. Skipping over resentments

If there are any resentments between the couple then it should be healed during the therapy, however, before that, lack of boundaries and hurt feelings should be first addressed.

If you find your counselor is showing any of these traits then you must stop going to them.