Balancing Field Service and Customer Experience in COVID-19

Field service is a critical part of many businesses worldwide. And even with the present coronavirus pandemic situation, the companies are working out to manage customer experience through field solutions. With the strict guidelines to follow for the pandemic, balancing both these aspects is becoming more and more difficult.


Given that the field service management has always relied on face-to-face interactions for their success, the current problem seems to be an obvious and genuine challenge for the companies.

But thanks to the advanced technology and innovative solutions presently implemented across industries, the companies have started to shift their focus on the use of Artificial Intelligence, remote technology, and data analytics to employ in field service and workforce management. However, to be precise, this trend of gradual shift had been noted on a global basis even before the pandemic.

This specific shift in trend is driven by the preferences of some customers who want virtual engagements instead of in-person interactive experiences. Hence, companies are now being obliged to rethink and restructure their traditional ways to achieve top-notch customer satisfaction.

So how can you enhance the customer experience and balance field services through virtual engagement and minimal in-person interactions? Here are some quick tips that will considerably transform the virtual experience into a positive customer experience.

Increasing first contact resolution

Customer Experience in COVID-19

The requirements of specific services can vary based on several factors. But aiming to address the less complicated issues in the first contact is the key to initial customer satisfaction. Resolving the fundamental issues and problems enables quick and efficient service in the first impression itself and significantly increases the customer experience.

Moreover, using smart tools enhances the quality of service and improves the first-time fix rates. By ensuring efficient and effective first contact, you can balance your company resources like time and money along with customer satisfaction even during the pandemic.

Maximizing customer engagement

Customer engagement through virtual means can be enhanced by focusing more on self-service customer portals. Over the past few years, the self-service portal for customers has emerged to be one of the most popular trends in the field services of modern businesses. According to a survey, 88% of customers in the United States expect access to self-service portals, and naturally, it has become an integral solution.

Customer Experience in COVID-19

Proper customer-service portals are amazing solutions for improved customer relations and experience. They ensure reduced additional costs and increased efficiency and productivity of the company. The portals allow the customers to get access to the data, understand the issues, optimize, and take control of the situation from their end.

Self-service portals for customers maximize engagement through better communication, making the entire process of service quick and effective. Also, the upfront online payment system integrated with the portals ensures financial security.

Using IoT for Predictive Maintenance

Leveraging predictive insights for better customer service allows an innovative solution for balancing field service and customer experience. Planned and predictive models can offer more information regarding customer data and help in shaping the ultimate customer satisfaction.

IoT integrated solutions utilize historical data from connected devices, monitors services, and point out problematic conditions before actual failure and provide predictive maintenance.


They also streamline workflow and optimize the expenditure. The predictive maintenance enables to support customer problems and issues even before actual flaw occurrence, thus enhancing customer experience to its utmost potential.

Continuing flexibility

Ensuring flexibility in internal processes is essential to adapt to changing processes and challenges of customer satisfaction efficiently. Focus on outdated operations not only leads to slowed-down processes but also results in the frustration of both customers and technicians.

Flexibility in company operations can be secured using scheduling and route optimization software. It keeps up with the dynamic business rules and general guidelines corresponding to respective geographical locations during this pandemic. It provides quick and safe routes for technicians and considerably contributes to the comfort and ease of both your field workers and customers.

With optimized scheduling and routes, your company can achieve consistent results of enhanced customer experience, alongside increased productivity, performance, visibility, and reduced costs.

Balancing Field Service

FieldEZ can significantly help your company to balance field services and customer experience efficiently through their integrated platform. Through its easy-to-use application for end-to-end field service operations and management, FieldEZ lets you empower your field technicians and strive for top-notch customer experience during Covid-19.