What to Consider When You Decide to Remodel Your Bathroom

There is no doubt that homeowners love remodeling their bathrooms more than their kitchens. Bathrooms tend to be smaller than kitchens, making the process faster and more straightforward. This also translated to the scope and cost of the project, which is always beneficial.

I needed an expert’s opinion on how to approach my bathroom remodeling project and Kitchens by Charles Weiler was of much help. Here’s what I learned:


Use the Space to the Fullest

Not everyone has the luxury of having a spacious bathroom at their disposal. Ideally, you want to use what you have to the fullest, so customized built-ins are the smart choice.

Built-ins not only offer quick access to frequently used items, but they take up very little space as they are mounted inside walls or hang, or they can stand anywhere you see fit. These often include soap dishes or medicine cabinets, but you know what your bathroom would benefit from the most. You can even flatten the ceiling light by converting your ceiling light into a recessed light. Build into the walls for extra storage space.

Consider Improving Ventilation

You can either have a window or an exhaust fan, but all bathrooms are required to have some form of ventilation. You need the humidity out to prevent mold growth.

When you shop for fans, you should consider their strength and the noise because you don’t want your bathroom to sound like an airfield. The bathrooms’ small size makes even moderately loud bathroom fans sound excessive.

Make the Bathroom Look More Lively

Make the Bathroom Look More Lively

I saw some of my friends introduce plants to their bathrooms, and I thought, why not? Plants add color to lifeless, cold, and gray bathrooms and can also help with the smell.

Your trailing plants will appreciate having a cozy home on a floating shelf. Adding plants will make the bathroom feel more homey and relaxing, making it the best part of the home to rest after working the entire day.

Flooring Plays a Significant Role

In terms of practicality, solid wood floors do not make the most practical flooring materials for bathrooms, although they do add character.

If possible, choose to floor made of durable materials that can withstand daily bathroom use. There are a number of options when it comes to bathroom floorings, such as ceramic and porcelain tile, luxury vinyl plank, and vinyl tiles. The waterproof properties of sheet vinyl flooring make it a suitable choice. The sheet vinyl can be used to cover the entire floor of a small bathroom, eliminating any seams.

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Choose Bright Color

When designing a small bathroom, stay away from dark and bold colors.

A room with dark colors feels cramped and claustrophobic. Make sure that your fixtures are white or light-colored. Stick to one bright color and use it to paint the walls and the ceiling because you want the bathroom to look more spacious. You can play with towels and rugs while keeping the walls bright and white.

Choose Bright Color

Good Lighting Makes the Difference

Bathrooms need excellent lighting because that’s where we usually pay closer attention to our bodies and faces. Good bathrooms will make or break the looks we choose for the day when it comes to looking pristine.

Add sconces around the bathroom mirror to provide at least some lighting. However, blinding light may not always be desirable.

Use Walls

In a bathroom, hooks are an easy way to add countertop space without actually adding one. Whether it is for clothes, bathrobes, or towels, hooks are a great option. Hooks can be hung on doors, cabinets, or unused wall spaces.