Different Types of Stainless-Steel Marine Fasteners

If you are talking about marine-grade fasteners, then these fasteners will be formed with those materials that can withstand the corrosions created by saltwater environments. Mostly the materials used for such applications will be stainless steel and copper alloys.


Some of the other alloys used for marine environments are:

  • Phosphor bronze
  • Brass
  • Monel alloy
  • Copper
  • Copper-nickel
  • PTFE-coated alloy steel

Let us discuss in this post, about few typical marine-grade fasteners used for different applications.

What are marine-grade fasteners?

These Marine Grade Stainless Fasteners can be all types of fasteners made particularly for the marine industry. Fair Wind Fasteners can offer you all kinds of fasteners needed for marine applications.

All these fasteners will be highly resistant to water and corrosion. If stainless steel is used for such materials, then there will be a mix of molybdenum in it.

The molybdenum presence will enable the steel to withstand rust as well as hold up for many years in saltwater. Any screw which will remain submerged in the water for a longer period should be made with a minimum of 6% molybdenum in the alloy.

So, while selecting fasteners for any marine applications such as repairs on the boat, always ensure that you use only marine-grade stainless steel rather than regular grades of the material.

Some of the typical examples of marine-grade fasteners are given below.

1.      Wire rope clips made of marine-grade stainless steel

Wire ropes are held in place by wire rope clips (wire rope termination). Marine, biogas, elevators, and personnel hoists are the principal applications.

They are made of salt water resistant Marine Grade Stainless Steel SS-316 A4.

stainless steel pipes

2.      Spring hooks marine grade stainless steel

A metal hook along with a spring-loaded gate is called a “spring hook,” sometimes known as a “carabiner.” It is employed to swiftly and permanently connect parts. A carabiner is mostly used in climbing, boating, sailing, hot air ballooning, and window cleaning, among other activities.

They are made of salt water resistant Marine Grade Stainless Steel SS-316 A4.

3.      Quick links for chains marine-grade stainless steel

Quick Links are used in a variety of industries, including marine, to hold, join, or link chains and other objects.

They are made of salt water resistant Marine Grade Stainless Steel SS-316 A4.

4.      Wire thimbles SS 316

In marine and biogas applications, wire thimbles are frequently utilized with wire rope clips.

They are made of salt water resistant Marine Grade Stainless Steel SS-316 A4.

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5.      Titanium fasteners

Future-oriented and wholly distinct in their properties are titanium fasteners.

The excellent corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, low weight, and non-magnetic properties of titanium alloy screws are made possible by these special characteristics.

6. Marine-grade screws


There are large ranges of AISI 316 screws, washers, nuts, and many other fasteners available now. Also, it is possible to provide all these in a certain black-coated finish against special orders for customized applications.

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