September 24, 2023

Do Work Stress Leads Substance Abuse Problem?

Do Work Stress Leads Substance Abuse Problem 1

The environment in which you work, your job role, and the way your co-workers behave with you can have a significant impact on you. All these factors actually decide how stressed you might become. You can cope with stress if you follow certain tips. However, if you couldn’t do it, then it may lead to problems such as alcohol or drugs or any other substance addiction.

Most people with high-stress levels do substance abuse to get rid of it or to feel better.

When it comes to stress, it is categorized into two and they are acute and chronic stress. Besides, both of them show different effects on your body. Let’s discuss them in detail here.

  • Short-term or acute stress: This form of short-term stress can help you to get out of risky circumstances quickly. When symptoms arise as a result of a very stressful experience. The term “acute” refers to symptoms that appear suddenly but do not stay for a long time. The circumstances are frequently quite traumatic. Some of its symptoms include sweating, indigestion, dizziness, heart palpitations, headaches, stomach aches, and chest pain.
  • Chronic Stress: Chronic stress occurs due to repeated exposure to events that cause the release of stress hormones for an extended period of time. The pressures of modern life frequently become chronic stressors. Whether they are problems at your home or work, they might take some time to resolve.

Do Work Stress Leads Substance Abuse Problem 2

As this can increase the burden on you, you must try your level best to stay physically and mentally strong. Some of the symptoms of chronic stress are sleeping issues, depression, anxiety, mood swings, chest pain, and negligent behavior.

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Do Work Stress Leads Substance Abuse Problem 3

How a workplace can make you feel stressed out?

  • Excessive Workload: When the workload at the workplace becomes more, the stress builds up and may lead to chronic stress. A lot of people start substance abuse to get rid of this stress.
  • Lack of Support: Not getting enough support from their boss, also increases the stress levels on employees. This can affect the employees mentally very badly.
  • Rude Behavior: Rude behavior from the managers can also make the staff stressed out. Many managers behave in a commanding way with their employees. They don’t even respect their team members. All this can make the employees feel stressed out.
  • Peers: Not having friends at the workplace can make the employees feel alone. Disputes with friends at the workplace can disturb an individual and increase the stress on him or her.

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