Find The Real Difference Between a Condo and an Apartment in Destin

Destin is a city in northwest Florida in the area called Panhandle. It is famous for its Gulf of Mexico beaches, golf courses, and the Destin Harbor Boardwalk. The coastline is dotted with pine and oak trees sheltering enormous wildlife. There are also the tall slides, waterfalls, and Big Kahuna’s water park pools.

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Destin is a unique piece of paradise for friends and families for decades. The beaches here have bright white sand. Destin is called ” The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village” and it encompasses the biggest charter fishing fleet in the whole gulf.

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It may surprise you that though condos and apartments share many similarities, they are not the same. There are multiple differences between an apartment and a condo. While an apartment is managed and owned by a corporation that is also called a property management company, a condo is managed and owned by a landlord.

Meaning of a Condo

A condominium is also known as a condo. It is a residence that is private and is rented to tenants. It is located in a community or a residential building, but the entire unit is owned privately by an individual. He will then become the landlord of that particular property.

The condo owner has all the rights to say who is eligible to rent their unit. So, renting the condo is one on one process and is more personal than renting an apartment. Also, the landlord will not be available on-site, unless they stay in another condo in the building.

Meaning of an apartment

It is a rental property located in a complex, a residential building, or a community. In an apartment, tenants will have the same owner, same units and all the tenants should follow the guidelines, which are the same for renting a single unit in the entire complex.

Every tenant must report to the same manager, who is available in the leasing office along with the leasing agents who are either within the complex or at the front of the particular community.

Meaning of an apartment

Here are some major differences between an apartment and a condo.

·        Types of amenities

Between fitness centers and fireplaces, there is a broad collection that arrives with renting, whether that can be an apartment or a condo. Let us learn more about the different amenities that are offered in both.

Condo amenities

As the condo is owned by the landlord, it has more personal touch to it. You will get updated facilities like stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, upgraded flooring, and personal touches like backsplash inside the kitchen and color paint on the walls. This gives a variety among the condos in one community.

All these features are provided by the owner of the condo. As the owner of it has more incentive, they will keep it well and updated. The reason for this might be that the owner might have lived in the condo before or might want the value of the property to remain high. If the condo looks well enough, then the owner can rent it easily.

Apartment amenities

As an apartment is owned by the corporation, there is no specific personal touch in the case of flooring or the color scheme of the kitchen. The apartment complex’s units look identical.

Even though most of the apartment communities offer luxurious amenities, some of them will still provide only basic facilities like a gym, laundry, outdoor pool, etc. Valet Waste, tennis courts, indoor mailrooms, and dog parks are found in certain apartments depending on the area and also the apartment quality.

·        Renting cost

The cost of the apartment is less when compared to that of a condo. An apartment and a condo might cost the same if both are in the same area but it also depends on the rental quality. If one offers more facilities and is upgraded, then it is priced according to it.

In a condo, you have to pay fees for HOA every month to upkeep the complex’s exterior, the common community areas, and some amenity fees. You will not have an online payment facility while making the payment for the landlord. You have to pay by check.

In an apartment, you have the facility to pay by check or by the community’s online portal. However, you have to pay for other utilities like electricity, gas, and internet separately.

·        Maintenance:

Whether you rent an apartment or a condo, you will have to face maintenance issues. It can be a running toilet or a leaky faucet, you need to fix the problem. Whether the issue has to be fixed by the landlord, the maintenance team, or by you depends on the rental type you choose.

In a condo, your landlord or you or both are responsible for maintaining the unit. This might cost you more but most of the time the landlord covers it through hired maintenance or property management proxy.

In an apartment, you will not be charged for most of the maintenance as the expenses are looked after by your apartment community.

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It is better to have a direct and personal relationship with the landlord while you rent a condo. As you will be in contact with only this person for rent payment, maintenance, and other things, you need to maintain friendly relations with the landlord.

You will have to meet several members like the assistant property manager, property manager, and other leasing agents when you rent an apartment. They will assign a maintenance team, process your rent and keep the community well through hired workers.

Choosing between an apartment and a condo is left to you. Now, with a better understanding of the differences between them, you will be able to choose the best one for you.