Fine-tune Social Media Marketing Tactics For 2022

In this digitalization era where competition is tough, a concise strategy will offer the focus necessary to deny efforts that never serve your goals.

Active Marketing is a social media marketing company that has helped many brands strategize their digital marketing campaigns successfully. A young startup or a well-established business can modify its social media marketing tactics for 2022.

Set sensible goals

The social media strategy starts with determining your goals. Common goals are to increase brand awareness and engagement. You need to clearly define the goals as it will help to create a solid social media marketing tactic. Remember to set realistic goals.

Social Media Marketing

Some examples that every business can follow –

  • An increase in brand awareness means getting your brand before target customers. Avoid publishing promotional messages only but concentrate on content that highlights your brand value and personality.
  • Generate leads & conversions via integrating product catalog in your social profiles or alerting customers about the new collection or running exclusive deals. Followers never buy accidentally, you need to influence them.
  • Grow brand audience means attracting new followers through monitoring or listening to phrases, keywords, or hashtags. Getting to know the latest conversations will help to expand the core audience as well as tap adjacent audiences faster.
  • Social media helps to drive traffic via social ads or promotional posts. Monitor URL clicks and conversions to help you determine the social media ROI.
  • Explore new ways for increasing engagement. Experiment with content and messaging. Even a simple survey can increase the engagement rate.

Research target audience

Assumptions are bad for marketers. Social media is the right research tool for marketers to define their core audience.

Social Media Marketing

Different platforms appeal to different audiences like –

  • YouTube and Facebook are great for advertising because their user-base is high.
  • YouTube and Instagram are amassed with Gen Z and millennials, so introducing eye-popping, bold content oozing with personality will help.
  • LinkedIn has a knowledgeable and skilled user base. It is a hub for business, so niche-specific content is more approachable than what is seen on Twitter or Facebook.
  • On Pinterest, women outnumber men significantly and are a great platform for social shoppers.

Never spread thin but focus on social platforms where your target audience hangs out.

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Establish your crucial KPIs and metrics

Social media strategy needs to be data-driven. Focus on metrics that make a difference. Dig in data that supports your goals directly.

Some examples of the metrics –

  • Reach
  • Clicks
  • Engagement
  • Hashtag performance
  • Sentiment
  • Organic & paid likes

A successful social media marketing tactic is submerged in numbers. The numbers have to be relevant to your goals.

Social Media Marketing

Post engaging social content

Content is also a crucial part of the social media marketing tactic. Some content social media trends for 2022 –

  • Stories & time-sensitive posts
  • Short-form videos
  • Posts revealing your human side

A consistent presence on social media

You are expected to post fresh content often but respond to followers always. Timeliness is challenging when you are tight on resources or have a small team. Maximizing social media engagement ensures that social media conversations are not ignored. You gain respect by communicating and being there for your audience.