Steps to Prepare Yourself and Your Home for the Exterior Painting Job

When we plan to do some coloring to the exterior part of the home, we forget that the most important step is to prepare for it. Proper planning and steps taken will make sure that the outcome is going to be the best. The exterior part of your home is very much going to be an untouched part, which is shabby, dirty, etc. So, the first step towards preparation would be to make it clean, dry, and remove all the damaged elements.

Classic House with flower garden

Painting or coloring is always going to be something, which will bring a beautiful change to your house. You need to choose someone reliable to have this work done perfectly for you. Finding a professional or a malerfirma is itself a big task for you, but we can say that Vibes Painting Company from Dianalund in Denmark will do this job well. They have around 18 years of experience in this area with well-trained professionals.

Here are some steps to prepare yourself before the painting starts:

  1. Check for good weather to start with this work. As we all know that working during rain or humid climate can make your uncured paint get blisters. So, supposedly if you plan to do the work during weekends then you might require 3 weekends with good weather. Mainly try doing these things during dry weather when the temperature might fall below 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Clean the area around the house. Mainly remove all the items like the patio furniture, garbage bins and place them away from the walls of the house. You can also cover them or place a cloth over the outlet boxes or any outside fixtures so that no paint falls on them. You also need to trim the trees or cover the landscaping to avoid any paint falling on them.
  3. You need to wash the exterior of the house with proper cleaning solutions to ensure that the paint should stick to the walls. Other than that, if you got any softwood shingles or any sidings then you need to clean them too with a detergent and water.
  4. Most importantly you need to check for lead in the paint. If you have got your house painted before 1978, when the law was introduced for non-lead paints then your paint would be having leads in them. Thus, you must scrape it away using some paint scraper or a wire brush and throw it away as it might cause many health problems. However, make sure that you have taken enough protection so that it has not gotten into your system while doing so.
  5. Sanding is another important thing that you might have to do. All you need is sandpaper to smoothen the surface. This will help create a mechanical bonding between the paint coats.
  6. Other than this you will have to look into other minute things like filling up the gaps and patching holes and replacing or removing any rotten woods. Any kind of stains or spots needs to be hidden or removed.

Exterior Painting Job

Following this will make you ready for the paint and there you will see your dream house in front of you!!!!