Keep Your Home Termite Free by Conducting Frequent Termite Inspection

Termites are pests that can cause severe damage to your home. These pesky insects chew away on wood, paper, cotton, and even clothes which can be frustrating. Termites can be controlled by having yearly inspections of your home.

How Termite Inspection is done

Termite Inspection

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You can call pest control services or enquire about the services they offer. You can even specify your requirements and ask for an estimate. If it falls within your budget, you can book an appointment. On the specified date the company will send an inspector to inspect your premises.

They will inspect both the internal and external areas of your home and try to find any visible signs of termite infestation.

Some of the common signs include:

  • Wood damage which includes small holes in the infested area
  • Termite mounds or mud holes
  • Wings scattered around the infested area
  • Musty smell from the water damage caused by termites

They will inspect every nook and corner of your home. In cases, certain areas are not accessible they will make use of special equipment to drill homes and locate the nest. When the inspection is over, they will share their finding with you and discuss the treatment option.

Annual Inspection Can Keep Termites at Bay

soldier termites

Termites can be of different species. They might look like ants, but if you examine them closely they might be a distinct difference between the two.

Termites can be classified as:

  • The Queen
  • The Soldiers
  • The Swarmers
  • Worker Termites

The queen termite is the oldest in the colony. They can live up to 20 years. She will have a small termite body but an elongated abdomen where she stores her eggs. The entire termite nest is built around her.

The soldier termites are responsible for protecting the nest from enemies such as ants and other insects. These termites have a tube-like projection on their foreheads that contain a sticky substance to trap enemies

The swarmers are winged termites that form their colonies. Their main purpose is to breed and start new colonies. The worker termites make up a large part of the colony. They are pale brown without eyes and wings. They hunt for food and take care of the young.

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Termite Inspection

It is always better to conduct an annual termite inspection to avoid termite infestation. Many pest control companies offer annual contracts otherwise known as a termite bond. Here the companies will send over their experts and inspect your premises periodically for termites. In cases termites are detected, they will even offer timely solutions for the same.


If you suspect that your home is infested with termites, you might need to call your local pest control right away. Frequently inspection of your homes can help save you on enormous home repairs that can drill a hole in your pocket.