How Professionals Make Car Keys

 professionals make car keys

Ask any car owner what item they most commonly misplace, and the answer would probably be their car keys. Losing car keys can be a very stressful experience for any car owner. The car owners must deal with a significant number of problems when they lose their keys, among which being unable to drive their cars is first. The other thing which car owners find daunting about losing their car keys is the procedure they must go through to get new car keys made. Making new car keys is not a task that can be done at home; only professionals have the skills and knowledge required to form a new key for the owner’s car.

The increase in car thefts has also made the industry experts and leaders very cautious about the security systems they provide on their cars. The industry experts and leaders have inserted several security layers on their car locks so that any break-in attempt can be prevented. Car locks are very securely built mechanisms. The industry experts place great time and money to develop, so handing the car keys’ repairing to any amateur with no experience is a precarious business.

make car keys

The complexity of the car locks’ mechanism has risen drastically, and only highly trained experts and professionals can deal with problems related to them now. If the car owners let a novice handle their car key making because of cheaper rates, they lose money. Amateurs often end up damaging the car locks, resulting in car owners having to replace them. Industry experts advise only to pursue professionals’ assistance when they must get their car keys made. The residents of West Hollywood looking to get their car keys made can contact professional locksmith service in West Hollywood for assistance in the process.

People often feel skeptical when they hire a locksmith to make their car keys. To counter this, people should develop an understanding of how the key-making process works, and through it, they can oversee whether the locksmiths are carrying out the job properly or not.

Below are the steps through which car keys are made by professionals Best Locksmith Service in Los Angeles:



The key code is the unique code through which the locksmith can form the new keys of the car. There are several ways through which the locksmiths can form the new keys. In some cases, the glove boxes of the cards are used for the new key-making process, while in others, the locksmiths use the car id number to make the keys. The cost of key making varies from car to car.


After the key code is obtained, the locksmiths enter the unique code into a highly advanced key cutting machine. The machine translates the code into the design pattern and starts to cut the metal in the shape of the car owner’s key. Manual work is also required in this process.

professionals make car keys


Modern cars are equipped with advanced systems through which they can identify the key inserted in them. The modern locksmiths take the help of programming so that the car can understand that a newly made key has been made primary now.

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