December 9, 2023

How to Control the Mosquito Spread in Your Conroe Property?

Mosquitoes are those irritating and diseases spreading pests that need to be controlled before they start making your property their home. Though their spread may increase during summer and spring, their way to your property can be controlled as it is all about your family and your safety.

Mosquitoes are actually considered a nuisance as they suck on human blood, but they are also considered an integral part of Conroe ecosystems. They play a very important role in the diet of fish, birds, frogs, and bats in that area.

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Additionally, these mosquitoes are an effective pollinators for different flowers and plants. As their main food source is plant nectar, without their pollination the plants here might struggle to survive.

Why are mosquitoes considered as a huge problem?

Mosquitoes are considered an irritating and dangerous pest as they are the ones that cause infestation in these properties. Their bites are very itchy and scratchy, which may also cause allergic reactions in many individuals. They also have the potential to transmit various diseases like malaria, dengue, and many more.

Therefore, it is essential that we take timely precautions and get rid of these pests at an early stage itself. You need to take help of the professionals like the Patriots Pest Control Conroe TX. They are legally owned and operated giving 100% results to their customers. They provide complete pest management solutions to keep the Conroe homes protected against pests all year round.

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How to keep the mosquitoes away?

Mosquitoes are attracted to areas that have plenty of things to be fed upon. Therefore, you can choose to make your yard less attractive to them.

Here are some of the precautions that you can take to keep this mosquito away:

  • Stagnant waters are one good place for these mosquitoes to lay their eggs. So, the first thing you might have to do is to throw off this stagnant water and remove the items that can collect this water such as wading pools, bird baths, pet dishes, or old tires. Make sure you clean them off at least once a week.
  • Remove those extra plants like those overgrown plants, weeds, and grass. You need to keep them trimmed and tidy as it will become less ideal for mosquitoes.

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  • Make sure that is no leakage in your house and that there is proper drainage in your yard.
  • Make sure to close all the windows and doors, especially during the evening time to stop these mosquitoes from invading your house.
  • Keep your body away from those bites. Mosquitoes can sense your body heat and the carbon dioxide that you inhale. Therefore, it becomes important for you to keep yourself away from them. You can wear full sleeve shirts and long pants when you are outside during their peak hours. Also, make sure that you use mosquito repellent for your personal protection.


Mosquitos are a nuisance for everyone. Thus, it becomes important that you take care of it before it becomes a risk for you and your family. Take help of the pest control professionals who are experienced enough to deal with them.

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