Importance of Facade Consultancy Services to Maintain Beauty of your Home Architecture

The facade of any building is the gem of your exterior home décor and acts as an external protective layer for its structural design. It protects your interiors from external climatic elements like harsh weather, dust, grime, and snow. Some facades are made high-rises while others are kept low and glossy. You need a planned façade project to prevent a costly failure.

Considering the complexity involved in design, engineering, and style of the modern-day facades, you may need to consult a façade consultant to ensure the success of your façade cladding project. You can get assisted by one of the London’s top façade remediation specialist, Cladding Consulting Ltd. You can know more about their services at and book your appointment.

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What is the Role of Facade Consultants in Architecture?

An appealing and aesthetic facade design creates the first impression to your visitors and passer-by. It provides a unique identity to your building. It also imparts security, strength, and durability. Facade consultants are the suitable professionals to offer proper ideas and solutions that can help you execute your project successfully.

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Primarily, a facade consultancy’s job consists of the following stages –

  1. Concept stage – A meeting is organised between façade consultants and architects to study drawings and give their valuable inputs for better performance and durability of façade project.
  2. Concept design – Façade consultants are aware of the local legal guidelines and the requirements of different applications. This helps the entire architecture team to finalize the project design.
  3. Development of design – They gather all the approvals from the client and the Architect to finalize the structural, thermal, and other parameters of your building. After this, the façade is installed.

They also perform some other critical tasks like document verification of tenders and contracts associated with your façade project. They are responsible for façade orientation with respecting to the roads and sightlines. Your building’s performance is regularly monitored and upgraded by them to enhance its safety, security, durability, and visual effects.

What are the Benefits of Hiring Facade Consultancy Services?

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From early stage of your building’s design to its completion, façade consultant plays an important role in the entire facade engineering, design and construction process. Firstly, they have the right knowledge, experience, resources, and expertise to carry out all kinds of projects, regardless of its size or complexity. They can help you to achieve your desired façade design and ideal results.

They are also capable of figuring out any design deficiencies and find the most appropriate solution to avoid any financial loss. Recently, governments have imposed time frame and performance criteria reduced carbon emission and better energy efficiency for certain building projects. Façade consultancy can create best plans and appropriate design to help you meet such constraints of the government.

Facade consultants are expertized in design and technical resources, and have specialized experience to help you design and build façade within your fixed budget. They play a key role in any new construction project or existing building restoration project.

Facade installation requires various raw materials, technologies, and in-depth knowledge of different applications. This cannot be carried out by an individual or architects. But, a team of facade consultants have vast expertise, immense experience, and strategic minds to successfully execute any building project.

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