10 Ways to Impress Someone on a First Date

A first date is an exciting yet nerve-wracking experience. You want to make a good impression, but you don’t want to come across as being too desperate or trying too hard. So how do you show someone that you care about them without coming off as too eager?

First Date

Here are 10 tips that will help you make a great first impression on your date.

Dress the Part

It’s important to dress appropriately for the occasion. If you’re having dinner at a fancy restaurant, wear something nice and classy. Don’t go overboard though – you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard! Just remember that your clothes say a lot about who you are.

Show Up on Time

Nothing says “I don’t care” louder than showing up late to your date. Make sure you leave plenty of time to get ready and arrive at least five minutes early so you can take some deep breaths and relax before your date arrives!

Offer to Pick Them Up

Some people may find it old-fashioned, but offering to pick up your date is still considered polite by many people – especially if they live far away from where they’re meeting up with you. Just make sure that when picking them up, your car is spotlessly clean inside and out (no one likes sitting in a messy car!). You can purchase interior car protection products online.


Bring Flowers

Flowers are always appreciated! This small gesture can show your date that you put thought into the evening and care about impressing them. But beware of bringing an extravagant bouquet; it might seem like overkill for a first date!

Be Attentive

Pay attention when your date is talking and be genuinely interested in getting to know them better by asking open-ended questions about their life experiences and interests.

Compliment Them

Compliments can go a long way in making someone feel special, so pick out something nice to say about them or their outfit (but be sure not to go overboard!). Remember, compliments should always be sincere.

Have Good Manners

We all know the basics of politeness – chew with your mouth closed, use please and thank you, and apologize if necessary – so make sure you practice these manners during your date.

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Open Doors for Them

Chivalry isn’t dead! Opening doors for someone shows respect and consideration for their needs – something we could all use more of in our lives today.

Listen to Their Stories

Everyone loves feeling heard, so take some time throughout the night to listen carefully when your date talks about themselves or shares stories from their life experiences with you. This kind of active listening will impress your date more than any grand gesture ever could.

First Date

Relax & Enjoy Yourself

Remember why you agreed to go on this date in the first place? Because it sounded fun! Let go of any pressures or expectations surrounding the evening, relax, laugh often if possible, and just enjoy yourself and each other’s company throughout the night. This will be what makes all the difference in leaving a lasting positive impression on each other after everything is said and done.