Questions To Ask Potential Web Development Firm

Questions To Ask Potential Web Development Firm 3

The web development process comprises building a website or software for the internet. The project ranges from creating a fully-functional website and refurbishing an existing one or designing a complicated web application.

Businesses hire Austin design firm Lions Share Digital to handle their website or app creation. If you are planning to redesign an existing website then it is not an easy task. You need to take care of whom you are hiring.

With the number of web development firms available in the market, it is hard to narrow the options. Here is a question list that can help to ease the hiring process.

Questions to ask potential web development firm

What kind of apps or websites have you developed?

You need professionals that have experience in developing projects like yours. For example, if your project is to create a WP website then you will generally desire to hire a developer that specializes in CMS. If you are planning to build an eCommerce platform then you would never want to work with professionals that create business websites only.

Partner with a developer or firm with skills and past projects that align with your project needs and goals.

Questions To Ask Potential Web Development Firm 2

What are the technologies you use?

A good developer or agency will reveal their development process, skills, and reasons they are suitable for your project. You may not be familiar with several frameworks and programming languages. It is normal! You want someone familiar and at ease with a technology that supports your project.

How is the success of development projects measured?

Several metrics are used in the web development landscape to measure success. 

  • Average time on page
  • Bounce rate
  • Conversion rate

The need to ask this question is to find out if they use metrics or not. If they use then do those metrics support your goals.

The potential firm may respond that the measure success via fulfilling deadlines and budget. It is a red flag because deadline and budget fulfillment are necessary but your goals [engaging, converting, attracting] also matter.

Questions To Ask Potential Web Development Firm 4

What monthly reports to expect?

Reports are essential to stay on track with the timeline, scope, and budget. It includes –

  • Budget reports
  • Project briefs
  • Audits & competitive analysis
  • User personas
  • Prototypes
  • Wireframes

Just handling the final product is not acceptable. The developer must plan to offer monthly reports during the process and establish the client’s expectations for the end results that can satisfy everyone.

How will we communicate during the development process?

You are hiring professionals and want to stay involved in the real development phase. You are not the coder but the website of the app that is going to be developed represents your business. So, find out with whom you will interact during the process to clear doubts or discuss challenges that can impact the budget or timeline.

A good web developer is open to conveniently communicating with clients. If you prefer occasional meetings and phone calls and the professionals prefer text then the process can become frustrating. Therefore be clear with communication preferences right from the start.

Ask the right questions and find an ideal web development firm for your project!