Questions To Ask the Maryland Divorce Attorneys

A lot of couples are getting divorced nowadays. Besides, when couples have trouble in their married life, they might involve in extramarital affairs. Even extramarital affairs can lead to divorce.

child custody

Mentioned below are some reasons that can lead to divorce. 

  • Lack of commitment might appear foolish and difficult to show, especially to the individual who is being accused. Extramarital affairs, not showing any interest to discuss the relationship, and a failure to cooperate toward common financial goals are all symptoms that the couple is headed for divorce.
  • In numerous research, almost half of the participants reported poor communication as a factor for divorces, such as excessive bickering and inability to communicate with one another. Communication issues can also be the root of other causes for divorce, such as disagreements over finances and family duties.
  • Substance abuse is another reason for divorce. Some of the signs of substance abuse include mood swings, sleep problems, secretive behavior, neglecting family responsibilities, and not showing interest in meeting friends or family members.

The issue faced by most couples during matrimonial separation is child custody. If there is no understanding between the couple, the custody case will be settled by the court of law. This is where you will need to hire the services of a good divorce lawyer.

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child custody

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Mentioned below are some questions that you must ask your divorce lawyer during your first meeting.

How many years of experience do you have in this field?

Check how many years of experience do the divorce lawyer has in Maryland. The more the experience, the better they will handle your case. Hence, it is better to choose an experienced divorce lawyer over the new divorce lawyers.

Am I going to lose my children in the divorce?

Many parents, particularly fathers, go to see a Maryland divorce lawyer with one goal in mind: they don’t want to lose custody of their children during the divorce. Some of them do it out of affection, while some do it to isolate their children. This perspective, on the other hand, turns children into the property and can lead to a custody struggle and it is going to hurt all parties involved. It also contradicts Maryland’s approach to child custody disputes.

child custody

In some cases, the court might evenly distribute children’s time between both parents. However, in some cases, the court might order sole custody.

Who is going to get custody of the child?

The court will take different factors into consideration such as the primary caregiver, reputation, character, psychological fitness, physical fitness, gender of the child, age of the child, financial ability of both parents, religious views, etc.

Is there a way to protect my child from an abusive father or mother?

You can check with your divorce lawyer on this part. Submit the proofs related to this, if you have any with your lawyer. This actually makes the job of your lawyer easy.

Find the best divorce lawyer in Maryland today to apply for your divorce comfortably!