Reasons Behind The Usage of Drugs by Young Women

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From the age of 8 till the age of 22 girls go through a lot of changes. During these years physical and mental maturing takes place. The formation of their identity, understanding of themselves, and self-worth. The years of adolescence are significant for development. Adolescence and young adulthood is the time for great susceptibility.

Girls from middle school move to high school experiencing much social pressure, and physical change and are trying to be liked and fit in with others. Young women and girls become victims of substance abuse during these crucial years. Their reasons to get drugs are stress and pressure during the period of transition.

Female drug users get dependent faster and face problems sooner than males. Young women are on the higher side of drug abuse risk than men. Drug addiction rehab in San Diego is helping young individuals to restore their lives. Genesis recovery helps individuals to get back on track with their faith and beliefs like every normal individual.

Reasons why young women take the step towards drugs

young women take drugs

  • Depression and mental illness

Depression in adolescents is common. A lot of students complain of feeling depressed on a regular basis. Girls are more likely to commit suicide in this age group than boys. Substance abuse and mental sickness go hand in hand. Using drugs as self-medication to treat depression and suicidal feelings increases the risk of drug addiction.

  • History of trauma

Most adolescents treating themselves for drug treatment have a history of sexual or physical abuse. Girls who have been sexually or physically abused hold more chances to smoke, drink and use drugs than those who have not been victims of child abuse.

  • Stress and inability to cope

Men tend to show their stress through aggression and delinquency, females on the other hand keep it internalized. Most of the time this stress turns into depression and leads to the main reason for using drugs. The reason behind stress can be death in family or close friends, divorce, changes in school, moving to different places, or relationship issues.

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take drugs

  • Low self-esteem

Lack of self-confidence is a partner during the teenage years. It is most common in girls. High school girls always want to fit in well among others, social image and body image are very important. Staying beautiful and popular in school is the top priority and according to young women weight loss is the way towards it.

Drug use, smoking, and drinking are considered to be sexy, cool and trendy. They believe drugs can solve problems in every case.

  • Social pressure

Most studies show that drugs are used by young women just to fit in with their peers. Having friends who are likely to smoke, drink or use drugs gets you to do the same.

Having a normal conversation with your daughters about drinks and legal drugs can help them a lot. Conversation with parents helps kids build a bond with their parents and feel free to have talked about their problems as well. Treatments are necessary before it gets worse.  Before the daughter gets addicted help her to make the right decision.