Take Proper Care While Sourcing Your Printing Ink

Your printer will need a regular supply of the right quality of ink so that you can print properly. Therefore, you need to know more details about your ink, so that you can select the right variety of ink.

The majority of inks that you must be using on your printer are made up of soybean or linseed oil base with any heavy petroleum distillate as a solvent. These are then combined with pigments to create an ink that dries through evaporation. Varnish is another name for the base.

 Printing Ink

Black ink is usually manufactured through carbon black and varnish while colour pigments will be made of dyes and salts or certain nitrogen-containing compounds. For improving the attributes of any coloured inks, white pigments e.g. titanium dioxide are utilized alone. For producing colour printing ink, such printers are also added with varnish.

If you do not make a proper selection of ink, based on the type of your printer, then you may need more ink than normal.

Therefore, while buying your printer cartridges, you must ensure that you must not end up doing the following mistakes.

1. Buying any standard yield cartridge

Often if you are not sure exactly, which cartridge is needed for your printer, you may end up buying a standard yield option as it usually costs you less. However, that will be a wrong choice. A high yield cartridge will be a better deal if you are regularly using your printer and printing many pages.

2. Buying the wrong cartridge

If you are not very well aware of the printer cartridges then all available cartridges will appear to you as similar because they all look very similar.  However, you must understand that every HP printer needs a dedicated cartridge to produce the best results.


Therefore, before going to market you must be aware of which is the right print cartridge needed for your printer.

3. Your printer must be using tri-colour cartridges

There is a possibility that your inexpensive printer uses a certain tri-colour cartridge for handling colour printings.  Such cartridges will contain all 3 colours e.g. cyan, yellow, and magenta in the same cartridge.

However, if any one of the colours is exhausted then you have to replace the whole cartridge despite having other colours. Better you buy a cartridge of the same colour that you print.

4. Your cartridge does not match with your printing needs

Every printer and cartridge is meant for different applications. Inkjet printers use only ink cartridges that will be best for printing text, photographs, and colour images on a limited basis. Toner cartridges are used in laser printers, and they are great for printing text and colour in large quantities, but they do not produce photographs well.

5. Overpaying for printer cartridges

Printing Ink

If you do not select your printer cartridge without knowing your printer specification and also what kind of application, the number of prints that you want to do then you may often end up making a wrong selection and that will be costlier for you.

Therefore, always make an informed decision while buying them.