The Importance of Summer Air Conditioner Tune Ups

Your customers can easily forget the importance of their summer air conditioning check-up for ensuring their system continues operating at maximum performance and efficiency. For example, if they perceive no glaring issues whatsoever, they may not feel the need to get in touch with you to perform maintenance for several years, and by then it could be too late.

Summer Air Conditioner

However, this is an approach that could cause severe problems down the line and even sooner than they realize, maybe even as soon as they require an influx of pleasant, cool air in their commercial or residential property. Can you imagine coming back home or arriving at the office only to find that the summer refreshment is nowhere to be found?

That’s why it’s so important to explain why annual check-ups are necessary. They have to be aware that the absence of symptoms doesn’t mean an absence of underlying problems and that sometimes hidden issues can be a lot more serious than those staring right at your face. It’s up to you to give them the necessary information on the importance of summer AC tune ups.

Why Is It Important To Tune Up The Ac Before Summer Season?

Regular check-ups for air conditioners are important in order to prevent expensive repairs. By detecting any developing issues early, customers can save money on potential problems. Check-ups also allow for proactive reaction to prevent serious malfunctions. However, your customers probably aren’t familiar with the importance of preventive tune-ups.

This is when you need to take the time and explain everything to your customers. You need to possess ample information that will allow you to illustrate just how much they should pay attention to preventive maintenance when it comes to keeping their AC running optimally. Here are some points you can use:

Kickstarting The System

Air Conditioner

It’s highly possible that your customer’s air conditioner hasn’t been on in quite some time and that there’s plenty of debris, dust, and/or pests accumulated in it. For the system to work properly and to reach its maximum efficiency and performance, it does require some preparation after a lengthy hibernation. A comprehensive tune-up will remove the majority of potential issues and allow for adequate operations.

Boosting The Efficiency

When your customers perform a comprehensive tune-up of their air conditioner, your technicians get a chance to spot any developing issues early and resolve any issues before they even arise. This, coupled with the thorough cleaning and top-to-bottom system inspection will significantly boost the efficiency of the unit and ensure your customers can not only rely on their AC to start but to also run consuming less energy.

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Reducing Breakdown Possibility

Speaking of breakdowns, the core principle is similar to efficiency. Your technicians will thoroughly inspect every single component of the system, fix any minor or major issues, and ensure proper operations. This way, your customers can have peace of mind knowing their system is a lot less likely to suffer unexpected breakdowns when they need their AC the most.

Air Conditioner

EPA Advice

You have to explain to your customers that you’re not just trying to sell them your service but that air conditioner tune-ups are advised by the Environmental Protection Agency for both energy efficiency and enhanced indoor air quality in your customers’ homes.

Enhanced Indoor Air Quality

Finally, make sure to once again emphasize to your customers just how important air conditioning system tune-ups are for maintaining a healthy level of indoor air quality in their homes or offices. Your technicians will inspect and replace the filter, as well as remove any potentially present biological contaminants, including mold and bacteria, giving your customers a system that not only works but works to protect their health.