Top Makeup Trends to Try This Fall

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If you are a makeup lover, you probably like experimenting with different makeup styles. Lucky for you, this is the ideal season for that.

During the quarantine days, most people stopped using makeup. Now it is time to make up for it. The rule of makeup trend for fall 2020 is The more the merrier.

All Eyes on…Eyes

Your eyelids are a canvas and you can literally paint on them. Use eyeshadows of different colors, mix the unmixable. Not sure if green goes well with orange? Try it anyway, you might be surprised by the results.

Add some glitter on top of your eyeshadow for a night out.

Eyeliner is very important this season. Black eyeliner is a classic, but now it looks more attractive if it’s smudged. Gothic style is trending on runways and a smudged black eyeliner will contribute to it perfectly.

One more trend that has made a comeback is reserved only for the bold ones. The floating eyeliner, made popular by a famous model Twiggy in the 1960s, will make you noticed wherever you go. Just draw a line between your brows and a lash line.

Also, the eyeliner doesn’t only have to be black! Pastel eyeliners were so popular in the summer, but for the colder days, we advise darker shades. Try dark blue, brown, or green and apply it both on the upper and the lower lid.

Long Lashes are Always in Style

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One trend that is definitely an evergreen is long lashes. Some women only need one layer of mascara for outstanding results, while others just can’t make their lashes look big enough. So, they turn to lash extensions and lash lift. These treatments are becoming more and more popular in salons around the world.

If you have long but straight lashes, lash lift is perfect for you. It will lift your lashes up and give them a mascara look. The results are great and so natural.

For a more showy look, choose lash extensions. It can be subtle, just to add some volume to your natural lashes, but it can also be dramatic, with 3d lashes.

Brows on Fleek

Brows are more important than ever. Bigger, bolder, darker and definitely visible for a complete makeup look. Since this trend has been here for years and is about to stay, it is getting annoying that you have to spend time drawing them every morning.

Think about a more permanent solution. Popular treatments, such as microblading, microshading or ombre brows will keep you away from a brow pencil for years. It is a perfect solution for those who are not satisfied with their eyebrows and want a trendy look as soon as they wake up.

Microbladed eyebrows look natural, neat, and fashionable.

Red Lipstick for Killing Lips

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Big lips are as trendy as big eyes. This season, every face feature is accentuated. Use a lip pencil and a quality lipstick for lips that won’t go unnoticed. If you are not sure which shade to choose, the runway models for this season wear brick and wine, as well as poppy orange-based shades. Also, you can’t go wrong with hot red shade, especially this fall.

One more thing that is making a comeback this season is lip gloss. If you like your lips nude, add some shine to it for a trendy look.

In 2020, permanent lipstick is becoming more and more in-demand. Women visit cosmetic salons to color their lips in their favorite shade. This option is perfect for those who wear lipstick all the time and are annoyed with it coming off after eating and drinking. After the treatment, you will have your lips in your favorite shade for 1-3 years.


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Fall 2020 is perfect for experimenting with makeup. Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone and try something new.