What To Expect from Juvederm Facial Skin Treatment?

As years get added to your age, fine lines appear on your face. It is a natural aging process. To smooth the undesired wrinkles and look refreshed hydrate the skin daily. Moisturizer including hyaluronic acid is recommended for plump and supple skin.

Some women get rid of lines with silicone based-primers to conceal the wrinkles and add a little makeup to appear flawless. A few ladies gently dab matte cream concealer under their eyes to mask the uninvited wrinkles.

Not just fine lines and wrinkles on your face reveal your age. the neck and décolleté areas also divulge your oldness. Fortunately, you can invest in aesthetic treatments like the FDA-approved Juvederm XC and Ultra XC treatment. It is a hyaluronic acid [HA] filler that is smoother than other HA dermal fillers. Book your free consultation at Denver’s popular Body Massage Wellness Med Spa! Women over 21 years, who are not satisfied with their facial skin, can choose this treatment. Several people are unable to undergo invasive treatments or cosmetic surgeries.

What is HA?


facial skin treatment

They can opt for dermal filler treatment. Hyaluronic acid production in the human body slows down as you age causing elasticity loss, skin dryness, and sunken spots near cheekbones and eyes. The molecule of HA can hold water a lot, so it is potent for hydration treatment. This capability of HA makes it a great substance to add firmness and suppleness to your skin.

XC is a colorless HA injectable gel, which contains a little percentage of local anesthetic. It is injected into your facial tissue to smoothen the folds and wrinkles, especially around the mouth and nose. The human body has naturally occurring HA. It is responsible to keep skin hydrating and serves as a cushioning agent. Local anesthetic or lidocaine reduces the injection pains.

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Ultra XC is designed for lip fullness and plumping. It has a high water affinity, so it enhances suppleness. It is a convenient option as it is completed within an hour. There is hardly any downtime afterward. You can get on with your daily routine.

What to expect during and after treatment?


facial skin treatment

During treatment, the gel is injected into the skin and the area is massaged to ensure a smooth and symmetrical appearance. Some tenderness and redness are visible after treatment. Apply ice to the area and avoid workouts and heat for a couple of days.

Make sure not to irritate your skin via plucking, bleaching, or shaving. Wear sunscreen, avoid UV rays if possible, and limit/avoid using blood thinners. Stay away from alcohol to avert swelling or bruising. The symptoms are temporary and will vanish within 2 to 3 weeks.

If you are under immunosuppressive therapy then discuss this because treatment can increase infection risk. People with excessive scarring history must also discuss this with their physician before choosing the treatment.

Before you plan to go for Juvederm’s XC and Ultra XC treatment, remember the correction is temporary. There will be repeat and touch-up injections for maintaining optimal correction. For repeated injection, less material is needed. It is claimed that the XC treatment lasts for one year with a single session.