Which Places Offer Best Paragliding Experience In Tenerife?

Paragliding is full of thrill and adventure. Everyone who gets a chance to glide across hundreds of meters above ground level in the air can enjoy it. For an awesome Paragliding in Tenerife experience here are some best places on the island.

Fasnia Volcano

Fasnia is located in the island’s Southeast region and is about 400 m above sea level. Therefore, it is the most advantageous spot to enjoy paragliding. There is lots of space to take off and the landing space on the volcano base is also vast. When the wind from the East, South, and northwest, flows towards this region it is the best time to practice paragliding. In the morning and at dawn the difficulty level is 2, but at noon it increases to 3 or 4

Which Places Offer Best Paragliding Experience In Tenerife 1


Taucho is situated in the middle of Adeje and is 800 m above sea level. The takeoff area is 5,600 m and paragliders can comfortably perform their activity. The landing is successfully accomplished on La Caleta Beach or Taucho-Armenime Esplanade in Adeje. When the wind from northeast and southwest, flows towards Taucho, paragliding practice starts. The difficulty level is similar to Fasnia.

Guimar Hillside

There is a platform located 725 m above sea level in the middle of Guimar. There is a take-off surface of approximately 400 sq. m and landing is possible on the Peurtito Beach or on Guimar Esplanade. The difficulty level is even lower than Fasnia.

La Corona

La Corona lies on the north side of Los Realejos, which is 765 m above sea level. The ramp space is 420 sq. m, so the take-off is very comfy. Its difficulty level is good for beginners, who desire to learn.

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Paragliding tips

Which Places Offer Best Paragliding Experience In Tenerife 2

Best time to fly in Tenerife

The best paragliding time is during October to May – autumn, winter & spring. Landing areas at the beaches are available only in winter. Nevertheless, some other landing areas are used carefully. Watch the weather conditions of the landing and take-off regions before you plan to fly.

Best time of the day

In autumn & winter, the best time is between 10:30 am to 6.00 pm. The best winds will flow during these hours in Tenerife. Later the winds are calm, so the possibility to fly higher is low.

In spring & summer, 9 am to 7 pm is the best time to fly in the day.

Paragliding equipment

There is no need for purchasing special clothes for paragliding activities. Carry comfortable clothes, a warm jacket, and sports shoes.

Paragliding equipment including helmet, wing, and harness will be provided but if you desire to buy your own then do some research before buying.

Choose paragliding flight options like standard flight [800 m], performance flight [1000 m], and Base of Teide flight [2250 m]. The last flight is for extremely adventurous-minded people. It makes their adrenaline pump 100% and their heartbeat rapidly flying at too high above ground level.

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