Is the Game-Based Learning Beneficial?

Games-based learning is the new term in the world of education. Still, many parents and even schools, especially in developing countries, do not know the basis of game-based learning. This pandemic has opened up a few new doors in education, and game-based learning is one of them.

game-based learning

Many people ask if it is safe to hand over mobile phones to their kids, merely to make them learn a few concepts? It is not completely safe, and being a guardian, parents need to keep an eye on their kid’s cyber activities. Many fraudsters want to exploit your kid’s interests and then use them for their agendas.

It is not always limited to financial fraud. So, there are two ways to stay safe even if your kid is involved in cyber-space activities, you may find out the best learning platform that is safe or keep a close eye on your kid. Lido learning has proven its mettle in this field, and it is the best platform for educating your kids through online and game-based learning.

Advantages of game-based learning

You cannot expect disadvantages from a thing that you are unable to understand. The millennials did not get to learn through games, and during their school life, no one allowed them to indulge in games, but now times have changed, and game developers and schools are working hand in hand to design some great games for your kid.

Impact on analytical skills

game-based learning

When your kid plays games like sudoku, Ludo, or some other arcade games where strategy making is essential, his analytical skills will ultimately improve. Many games are designed for educational purposes, specifically for the subject of math. It is up to the parent and the school authorities to let the kids be involved in those games to improve their thinking abilities.

The limb controls

If you have ever played video games, you must feel that your mind is extremely coordinated with your fingers and hands. Otherwise, winning a game is quite impossible. So, if your kid is playing a game, especially some PC games, then sooner or later you would discover that he has gained excellent control on his limbs. It will show an improvement in writing and drawing.

Helps them understand the digital world

Keeping your kid away from the new advancements and technology is not a great thing. You must appreciate your kid if they are learning something new about the digital world. Game-based learning would help them in understanding computer and mobile functions.

Impact on memory

game-based learning

There are themes and plots in many games, and all the characters and levels of the game rely on the plot. When kids play such games, they need to remember the story. This way, it positively impacts their memory. Their memory and mental capacity improve while playing games for learning purposes; however, if you want some exact results, you may pick the specific games designed only to improve memory.

In a nutshell, denying the positive impact of game-based learning is sheer nonsense. For growth, it is imperative to let your child play the best games possible. The only thing to do in this regard is to select suitable games according to your kid’s age.