Stacking Your Supplements to Speed Up and Fulfill Your Fitness Goals

Stacking is a term bodybuilders use, which means finding the right combination of supplements to help enhance fitness goals. A supplement stack provides more nutrients to the body and muscles to speed up and meet your fitness goals efficiently.

The supplements, when taken as a combination or as a “stack”, help increase muscle mass and strength, enhance energy levels while reducing tiredness, enhance testosterone, and reduce body fat. You can do strenuous exercises and workouts more quickly and get effective results.

Simply Supplements offers supplement stacks that contain the correct balance of nutrients that process the body and mind. They offer a Gainz stack that contains amino acids for strength and power, a Nootropics stack for reducing stress and managing energy levels, and stacks for boosting testosterone levels. They ensure the products offered contain only the best quality ingredients suited to your unique needs and fulfill fitness goals.

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Stacking your supplements

The essential thing while stacking is to choose only those supplements that you need for your fitness goals and are effective. Keep it simple and avoid mixing too many ingredients.

Stacking for muscle mass

Muscle gain stack needs extra calories so that you gain additional muscle mass. The following stack is perfect for increasing muscle mass.

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Mass gainers

One needs to gain weight to increase muscle mass, which can only be provided by the right food. It would help if you had those extra calories from the right foods to gain muscle mass between meals.


Creatine boosts muscle mass and enhances strength. Since your muscle tissues have almost 95% creatine, having creatine supplements just before the workout gives you the power to carry out more vigorous exercises.



Whey protein

Taking whey protein after a workout helps you to recover fast. You have less downtime and can return to intensive exercise the next day.


It is an amino acid, which helps in removing ammonia from your blood. It is to be taken after a workout as it repairs the muscle damage after exercise, so your recovery speeds up, and you can hit the gym more often.

Stacking for lean mass and strength

Take whey protein after a workout to restore muscle loss and improve lean mass.

Multivitamins can be taken with meals for better muscle growth, along with good food.

Stack for burning fat

Bodybuilding is not just about making muscle mass, but also about maintaining low body fat. Stacking weight loss supplements like green tea, grape juice, and garcinia cambogia can help in fat loss.

These ingredients:

  • Enhance your metabolism
  • Reduce extra belly fat and
  • Restrict your cravings for junk food.

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Testosterone stack supplement

Testosterone is essential for every fitness enthusiast and bodybuilder as it builds muscle mass and provides strength and leanness.

Take these supplements to increase testosterone.

  • Eurycoma Longifolia Jack is a plant that increases testosterone levels.
  • Forskolin is an herb that burns fat and boosts testosterone
  • Carnitine burns fat and also supplements the body with high testosterone.

Combining one or more supplements can help you create a super stack to increase muscle mass for a muscular and powerful physique.