Which is Better: At-Home Hair Color Kit or Hair Salon Service?

The home hair color kit is convenient and easy to use. We simply use gloves and mix the shades and apply them to our hair. However, there is a reason why salons are still there. If you’re one of them who is often confused about if at-home hair color is more comfortable than a hair salon, then let’s compare them in detail.


Hair Salon

Hair Quality

To begin with, the hair color available in at-home variants is of lower quality than that found in salons. This is because they often use harsher, more targeted chemicals and don’t always include the protective elements used in a salon setting. You’re a lot more likely to suffer harm, damage, or hair loss because of this than if you’re under the direction of an informed hair professional. This could be due to the dye’s quality and, the individual coloring their own hair’s lack of experience.

Amici Salon is one of the popular Boston hair salons. Amici Salon has established itself as the place to go when it comes to hairstyles and colors in Boston. Their exclusive use of European hair colors ensures that your color is 97% natural. They have a wide range of vibrant, high-gloss colors to choose from. Every customer consults with their stylist before deciding on new hair color. They offer a wide range of color patterns, multi-dimensional as well as accentual foil highlighting.


Although using an at-home color appears to be a simple process, a salon professional will do more than just apply dye to your hair. Your hairdresser does an initial analysis before beginning any hair coloring process. They look for several distinct markers of your hair’s health, including physical quality, dermal irritation, and hydration. Your hair stylist can make you aware of this beforehand if your hair isn’t healthy enough to resist hair color.

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Hair Salon


This step alone significantly minimizes the risk of hair loss and long-term damage. They’ll then discuss your desired outcome, review a color chart, and blend a color that complements your current hue. These elements have a significant impact on the outcome of your hair color which will be missing when you color your hair at home.

Risk Of Damage

There is no such thing as risk-free hair color, therefore there is no guarantee that your hair will remain safe. Whether you color your hair at home or in a salon, it still needs to be in the greatest condition forever. Attending a salon won’t make your hair seem any healthier than coloring it at home, so it’s best to avoid coloring it until it’s in better shape. Though professionals ensure to use the best quality hair colors, there is some sort of chemicals included that may harm your hair in the long run. Therefore, unless it is not needed at all, avoid coloring your hair.

If you want to save money, then a home hair color kit is suitable for you. However, if you want an even and dramatic hair color, sit yourself to visit a hair salon. Always do a patch test for the hair color whether used at home or salon. It is important to know if you are allergic or comfortable with the composition.