Be Aware of the Difference between Date Coaching and Matchmaking

Are you planning to get married and looking for a suitable match for you? These days, singles have got several options to find love, either by using certain apps on phones or by hiring any professional to help them for navigating the dating world.


date coaching


Whenever you seek professional help two common options are available:

  • Dating coaches
  • Matchmakers

Which route will be suitable for you? To decide that you need to have a proper understanding of the differences between these two ways and figure out which will be most appropriate for you.

INmatchmaking is also offering professional matchmaking services to those young boys and girls to find a suitable match for them. Let us discuss both date coaching and matchmaking in this post so that you may know the pros and cons of both these options.

Date coaching

Many of you may struggle to find your date but perhaps without success. You may be doing something wrong and as a result, you failed to get a suitable date for you.

Date coaching will help you to know exactly where you are doing wrong and then suitably guide you so that you may succeed in getting your date.


Date coaching


This kind of service is preferable for those:

  • People who have not been involved in this game for quite some time either due to a recent divorce or had a breakup in your long-term relationship
  • People having trouble attracting the types of people they are really interested in
  • People who need a little extra feedback and support while dating
  • People who are struggling due to their lack of confidence to approach any men or women

The following are a few pros and cons to note for this option


  • Helps you to boost your self-esteem and self-awareness
  • A professional can tell your both strengths and weaknesses
  • A professional will help you to know a fresh perspective about what may work and what may not
  • Motivation and accountability to help you to overcome the burnout of dating
  • You learn a new skill to approach any other singles or dates successfully

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  • They will not suggest any date and you have to find yourself
  • You have to be ready to hear negative points about yourself
  • No guarantee whether you will succeed in finding your love particularly if you cannot change yourself



Date coaching


The matchmaking service is suitable for:

  • Busy singles
  • Shy people who cannot approach whom they are interested in
  • Celebrities or professionals who prefer not to be present on dating apps
  • Looking for a professional to pick the right match
  • Those having trouble meeting people of the opposite sex
  • Live in a certain remote area


  • Can save time
  • Personalized advice available both before and after
  • No stress to meet a stranger


  • You need to surrender yourself to your prospective date which may be difficult for some people
  • You are certainly getting guaranteed dates but maintaining relationships will be up to you!
  • Getting out of one’s comfort zone can be quite uncomfortable for many when the partner is of a different type.

Having gone through both the options, now you can decide which option you should choose.